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Gender Equality

Support to SHGs for Organizing and Optimizing Resources to

Transformation of Individuals


JUST works for the empowerment of women especially for tribal community and also other vulnerable women to establish their worth and safeguard their dignity. The project started from January 2019 which is assisted by Italian Bishop Conference, Italy. The project aims at empowering and to increase their affordability of basic needs of the people through formation of people's organization, thereby promoting a people's movement towards socio-economic independence. The project is coordinated by 7 experienced animators, in four (4) districts of Tripura covering 100 SHGs respectively. During the project period there are few achievements since SFOORTI was implemented with the target groups.


1.SHGs of Belbari have admitted that, they are now benefiting their Income Generation Activity (IGA) by linking their federation with Agriculture department. As they received 4 Power tiller, 1 Rice cutter, 3 Pump machine, 14 Spray machine and vegetable seeds, under the schemes called "Farmers Bank". SHGs are now able to use the tools through modern ways of irrigation and cultivate for better and faster way to produce crops and others products.
2. Impact of Mushroom cultivation training is now seen by SHG women's and they are now able to generate income and support their family. Women's are also now able to collect the material such as paper, mushroom seeds and other tools for the cultivation of Mushroom by themselves from the city.
3. SHG Women's are not only striving to achieve income, but also women's from Khowai, Burburia, and Khowai, Twikarmaw, are looking for the betterment of the society by distributing rice, Mask and other dry ration to the needy people in their area during the Covid-19 lockdown.
4. Total of 23 tailoring machine achieved from their revolving fund loan interest, by six federations and distributed to the new members for IGA.
5. SHGs groups have started increasing their monthly savings from Rupees.50/- to 200/- every month.
6. Ura Kami Naikolnai Resource centre had achieved Scheme called "Farmers Bank" from Agriculture Department, after long waits of their needs. Through the schemes they received modern Agriculture tools & kits for better agri-business activity.
7. After the workshop held on "Enterprise Development" Simari Federation from Burburia, Amarpur had taken an initiative for providing "Skill development" coaching on tailoring. The federation decided that younger generation should also be skilled full and find a ways of earnings for the future.

Goal of the Project

Reduction in drudgery among the women and increase in affordability to basic needs at family level in 60 villages of Tripura through income and enhancement and sustainability of people's organization


The project has two major objectives which it envisages to achieve. These are as follows:
Increased income level of the target
1. Families' equivalent to the minimum wage rate prescribed by the government to lead dignified life.
2. 7 Self Help Group (SHG) federations sustained both financially and institutionally by the end of the project to be the change agent in their respective places.