Durjoynagar Post, Via Airport Road, Agartala, West Tripura, 799009.

Gender Equality

Women in society are one of the major groups who are left behind with formal and non-formal education, leadership, and most of the important roles in the society. Unless and until, women are empowered and brought in equality with men folk, no society can really develop. It is in this context, JUST has initiated Women Empowerment Programs in the diocese of Agartala.

KFB, Austria has been assisting this program for the last five years. The programs are mainly on social issues, gender disparity, leadership animation, Reproductive health, Panchayati Raj system etc. Program covers all the 16 parishes with series of workshops and seminars. In every year women gather in big numbers for annual Gathering at the diocesan level. Besides these activities, Mario Sangho animations, Domestic workers seminar, Celebration of girl child hood day are some of the important activities of this commission.